Mission Statement

Most certainly you would not consult an attorney just because you like to pick a fight. You do it because you need a solution for your problem.

My job is to make that happen. I help you to develop a plan for your legal matters in such a way as to avoid problems in the future. If by all means necessary, we take your case to court.

While it goes without saying that law suits are part of the game, I really rather emphasize consulting, counselling and planning. I always keep in mind that commencing a trial is not a casual thing to do. It should always be seen as the last resort.

Therefore I usually go the extra mile and try to find a consensual solution with the opposing party. More often than not that is the most sensible approach, especially if the involved parties will have to deal with each other in the future.

Christian Pfeiffer

Attorney-at-Law • Civil Law Notary

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