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Christian Pfeiffer was appointed notary in December 2014. The civil law notary (not to be confused with the American “notary public”) is an independent office pursuant to § 1 Bundesnotarordnung (BNotO). As such he represents of the state of Schleswig-Holstein and bears the Official Seal and Coat of Arms.
Notarized deeds grant long lasting proof and documentation of agreements and the identity of the parties involved.
Public registries (land registry, commercial registry, registry of associations) depend upon the correctness and accuracy of the notarized deeds. As opposed to an attorney the notary must at all times be impartial and unbiased. The notary is legally obligated to maintain strict neutrality, thus ensuring the interests and needs of all contractual parties are always met.

The notary assists the parties with the composition and structuring of the agreements and provides clear and precise wording in order to steer clear of any future controversies and disputes.
He must ensure that the contracts and agreements are legally balanced lest inexperienced parties risk being unintentionally disadvantaged.
It is his duty to warn the parties of imminent or potential risks.

Important and significant decisions in life, such as the acquisition of the family home, a prenuptial agreement or a contract of inheritance require notarization to be legally valid.

These strict formal requirements are intended to prevent parties from premature, rash or unadvised actions. Thus by definition the notary is also a contributor to the enhancement of consumer law.

I recognize the office of Civil Law Notary as a service provider for sophisticated and serious legal matters of highest quality.

We are a modern service provider but proudly uphold the tradition of an established law firm.

Being located in Norderstedt we are in close vicinity to the cosmopolitan and economic center of Hamburg. It goes without saying that our legal scope reaches beyond the German law.

Notary Christian Pfeiffer offers notarization and all other services also in the English language.

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